Pocket Legends releases sneak peek at upcoming content after hitting 50k fans on Facebook

Pocket Legends’ Facebook page just broke the 50,000 likes mark and to celebrate this milestone, Spacetime Studios has released a bit of a sneak peek at upcoming content and features on said Facebook Page. So what is coming to Pocket Legends (and Star Legends) soon? Find out after the break.

There are some BIG features coming to Pocket Legends that Spacetime Studios just let out on Facebook, some of which a lot of players are going to be happy about. They already hinted at new guild features coming soon and now it is official. Aside from that though, there are two new 55+ areas and a level cap raise as well.

Here is the full list (so far) of the sneak peek that Spacetime has released for Pocket Legends:

• Level cap will go to 60 (61 for the hardcore!)
• Two new adventure areas for 55+
• Nuri’s Hallows – The Pocket Circus comes to town
• Mount Fang – think Vampires…
• Create a band of your friends
• Share a guild name over your head
• Private Guild Hall
• Guilds will be in Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles.

This is great news for all you guild fans out there as well as all you high level characters wanting even more levels to gain. It is also great to see that Star Legends will also come with guild features right at launch time as well! Spacetime Studios promises more details soon and you can bet we will report them here to all our readers the moment we find out what they are! While you’re at it, feel free to like our Facebook Page too! We don’t bite.

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios

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