Pocket Legends Scavenger Hunt – Find the robot, win a pair of antennas!

Somewhere in the wonderful game that is Pocket Legends there is a little green robot just waiting to be found. Should you find this little green robot, wave hello to him and he will reward you for your kindness! To celebrate the release of Pocket Legends on Android, developers Spacetime Studios will be holding a scavenger hunt each day this week.

Should you be lucky enough to find the Android mascot in-game fast enough, wave to him and you will win yourself a paid of Android antennas for your character to wear in-game! Each day this week Spacetime Studios will be releasing clues as to where the little green robot is located inside Pocket Legends so you’ll need to follow them in order to find out where to go.

Just follow Pocket Legends Twitter and keep an eye open each day this week to find out where the Android robot is and hurry over there to get your antennas! Happy Hunting! Don’t go too far though, we’ve got another giveaway to announce regarding Pocket Legends very shortly!

Developer Website: Spacetime Studios | Twitter

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