Pocket Trains from NimbleBits chugs its way onto Google Play

One game we’ve talked about heading our way in the near future is Nimblebit’s next release called Pocket Trains. Slated for release yesterday it did in fact arrive right on time so now you can dive into the pixel filled world of trains, pixel people and managing all of it.

In case you missed our previous coverage regarding this game, Pocket Trains is a little similar to Kairosoft and other sim/management titles in regards to your overall goal – players need to build the best freight company. You will need to build up your train empire by sending out passengers and other cargo to different locations. As you successfully complete shipments you will earn cash which you can then use to expand your company, buying more trains, stations and other goodies to pull in more profit.

Buying new trains is taken a step further in this game as you’ll be able to buy parts to create new types of trains as well. There also happens to be daily events which you can do and if you successfully complete them, you’ll be able to unlock special trains to use.

Up until now Pocket Trains has been available to residents in a couple of countries as a limited release for testing purposes. The game is now available for everyone though and you can pick up a copy off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Pocket Trains

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