PocketMine-MP updated for Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.9.5 update

PocketMine-MP is pretty much the go to software if you want to run your own Minecraft: Pocket Edition server but don’t want the limited population that the Mojang official servers offer for a fee. With this software, you are technically only limited to the hardware your server is running.

The developers behind PocketMine-MP have done a great job keeping the software updated to handle the newest version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition that Mojang rolls out. With that said, this new update for this server software is now available for download and now handles everything up to the new 0.9.5 update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

While normally we would post the changelog for an update, this one happens to be rather large. So instead we will summarize it instead. This update has a ton of fixes which include a fix for players getting Suffocation damage inside transparent blocks, fixed auto-save configuration, fixed server crash when Tile Entities / Entities were loaded and requested the same chunk, and a lot of improvements overall. In fact this entire update is mostly enhancements to performance and bug fixes. This is assuming you have the previous version of this server software for the 0.9.0 update and newer.

Thsi update to PocketMine-MP is now available on Github as well as a download through the developer’s website itself. You can check out the full changelog over there as well.

Official Website: PocketMine-MP

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