Day: 6 October 2014


Land’s End by ustwo will be heading to Samsung Gear VR and it looks great

Samsung has been working on their own virtual reality headset since the Oculus VR was bought by Facebook, essentially opening up the market for other companies to make their own virtual reality headsets for gaming and other goodies. We truly believe that the sale of Oculus to Facebook opened up the market for other companies to get into but more on that in another article. This article is about a beautiful new game coming from ustwo called Land’s End which will be for the Samsung Gear VR headset.


[Updated] If mobile gaming broke into eSports, what Android game would you like to see played?

Here at DroidGamers we are always looking to do different and unique things with Android gaming. We’ve ran our own competitions already and there have been a few instances in the past where other companies have ran their own as well including Major League Gaming. However, if Android gaming were to actually break into the eSports scene on a more serious level, it would be interesting to see what games people would like to be able to compete in.