Pokémon GO: GO Snapshot is now live exclusively for Android devices

Pokémon GO GO Snapshot Android

GO Snapshot, a brand new feature for Pokémon GO, is now live exclusively on Android devices.

Curiously, the feature hasn’t rolled out on iOS just yet, and will launch at a later date. That’s a win for all of us Droid Gamers!

Pokémon GO’s new GO Snapshot feature lets you take fun photoshoots of your captured Pokémon

So what is GO Snapshot? Well, it basically provides you the ability to take pictures of your favourite Pokémon being silly in the real world around you.

Niantic achieved this by the use of AR, which the whole world seems to be going crazy about right now.

You’ll select a Pokémon you’ve already caught, chuck them out of a Poké Ball into the real world, then select from a variety of different poses before taking the snap.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Pokémon GO, then send your favourite snaps on over to the official hashtag #GOsnapshot on Twitter.

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