Polarbit drops all their games to $0.99 on the Amazon App Store

Continuing on with all the Christmas deals and sales all over the place, Polarbit has just announced that they have dropped the price of all of their games on the Amazon App Store to a measly $0.99 for a limited time. That is the good news anyways.

While there really isn’t any bad news to follow this good news, if you are expecting the entire Polarbit catalog to be available on the Amazon App Store at $0.99 then you might be a bit disappointed. There are actually only four Polarbit games on Amazon:

– Raging Thunder II
– Wave Blazer
– Armageddon Squadron
– ToonWarz

While the selection might not be as big as you had hoped it to be, all the available games for $0.99 are pretty decent, there just happens to be no Reckless Racing or any of their newer titles available on there for sale. However, if you have access to the Amazon App Store and feel like nabbing a couple of games on sale, just hit up the link below to see the list for Polarbit.

Amazon Market Link: Polarbit Games

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