Pool Ninja Released!

Distinctive Games (a.k.a Distinctive Developments LTD) have been showing a lot of support lately with releasing some great games such as Hockey Nations 2010 and Rugby Nations 2009 and show no signs of slowing down and to prove this, Pool Ninja was just released onto the Android market which is a whole new take on the game of Pool.

Pool Ninja pits you against 60 mind-bending challenges over three difficulty settings to see if you are a Pool ninja! This game also has some great music and 3D graphics. The point of the game is to clear the table of all the red balls within a set amount of time with the lowest amount of shots and compete against people all over the world.


  • 60 Challenges over 3 difficulties
  • Great 3D graphics
  • Online Leaderboard
  • Great background settings
  • Touch Controls


This game allows you to make some crazy Pool shots in your attempts to clear all the red balls in the fastest time. The element of having the fastest time provides this game with a lot of replay value as well considering you are always trying to improve your time.

Whether you like Pool games, or sports games in general, this is definitely one title you want to try out. Please keep in mind that performance of the game is depended on the type of phone you have, like all 3D games. Either way though, you won’t be disappointed with this release from Distinctive Games and if you like this one, you can check out our article on Hockey Nations 2010 which features player animation using motion capture technology!

You can pick this game up right now on the Android market for $1.99USD. Show your support for Droid Gamers and become part of the Droid Gamers gaming team and add [DG] (in some form) to your name in this or any other game that features online high scoreboards!

Developer Website: Distinctive Games

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