Popcap confirms that Plants vs Zombies 2 is still coming soon

Back in August of last year we talked about Popcap and the fact that they had announced a sequel would be heading our way for their popular defense game Plants vs Zombies. Back then Plants vs Zombies 2 was slated for release in late Spring of 2013 and now that date has been pushed back slightly.

While talking about their new Plants vs Zombies Facebook game that is entering beta testing now, Popcap games decided to quick confirm that Plants vs Zombies 2 is still a real thing and is still planned for release at some point before we all die, in this case the new release date is  early Summer of this year. Last year it was stated that Plants vs Zombies 2 would come with a ‘bevy of new features’ and today’s announcement is pretty much as vague as that statement, with no additional details at all mentioned.

We can take a guess that there will be new zombies and plants, new environments and new bonuses, pretty much what you would expect from a sequel. For those of you eager to play Plants vs Zombies 2, it looks like it is just a bit longer of a wait.

Website Referenced: Popcap’s Blog

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