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Popular Anime Rhythm Game Cytus II is Currently Free

Cytus II Android

Cytus II, the acclaimed rhythm game from developer Rayark, is currently free. It normally costs $1.99.

Released in 2018, Cytus II is set in a future where humans have found a way to sync the internet with the real world, creating a mega virtual internet space called cyTus. 

In this virtual future lives a universally beloved virtual DJ called Æsir, and one day this reclusive character announces a mega virtual concert. Cue widespread dancing. 

More Than 100 Original Tracks

The game features a library of over a hundred original songs, 35 of them available from the off and another 70 available through in-app purchases. They span the genres from electronic to rock to classical. 

Cytus II is a highly cool rhythm game, with some stylish anime and solid music. It’s definitely worth picking up for free, so you should probably head on over to the Google Play Store before the price goes up again.

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