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Popular Sci-Fi Strategy Game Stellaris: Galaxy Command is Out Now on Android

Stellaris: Galaxy Command, the popular and highly acclaimed  sci-fi RPG from Paradox Interactive, is available to download on the Google Play Store. 

Originally released on PC in 2016, before making the jump to consoles last year, Stellaris is what’s known as a grand strategy game, which means it involves not just strategy but grand strategy. 

That means exploration, diplomacy, governance, warfare, and so on. The game takes place in the year 2200, just as mankind is taking its first faltering steps into space exploration, plunging you directly into the race to control the cosmos. 

Galaxy Command, which only claims to be “inspired by” the mechanics of the PC original, sees you taking control of a space station and setting out for distant stars.

It brings new trading systems, ethics, and political systems to the series, along with mobile-optimised controls and more. In general, though, you can expect it to be a stripped down, adulterated experience, for better or worse. Probably worse.

Stellaris: Galaxy Command is free to download, and you can grab it right now on Google Play.

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