Skyline Emulator Now Runs Portal Series On Android, And At 120fps

Feature image for our Portal Android gameplay news piece. It shows a screenshot from Portal 2 with GLaDOS' chamber overrun by vines and plants.

More exciting developments from the world of Android emulation! A Redditor has released gameplay footage of first-person-puzzle legend Portal running on an Android device. This comes courtesy of the Nintendo Switch emulator Skyline, more specifically its early build version, Skyline Edge.

To make things even more impressive, the footage reached lightning speeds, with frame rates topping out a 120fps. There were drops during more graphically intensive moments, but it never got far below a silky-smooth 60fps.

Skyline Edge Does It Again

In the post, the user also stated that it was possible to play Portal and Portal 2 using Skyline Edge 31, and detailed their settings.

Skyline Edge is the early build version of the Skyline open-source Switch emulator for Android. While the regular Skyline build is available for free via the website, Edge is their testing ground for new updates and is available only to patrons of the Skyline team’s Patreon.

All these performance upgrades should filter down to the free version eventually, but you may need to wait a bit longer.

Start Thinking With Portals

The Portal series are puzzle platformers, with the first released all the way back in 2007.

You take on the role of Chell, an individual taking part in some ethically-questionable tests involving a gun that can make portals appear on flat surfaces. This is overseen by GLaDOS, a snarky AI who gives ominous messages and makes fun of Chell’s weight.

There is the promise of cake at the end, but you might start to doubt the sincerity of GLaDOS’ promise.

This isn’t Portal’s first appearance on Android platforms. Google Play has a listing for it, though only Nvidia Shield devices can play the game.

Source Engine ports have also been able to bring Portal over, though not its sequel.

The Portal Android footage serves more as a test of Edge’s ever-growing versatility with titles, and we’re excited to see what pops up next.

Looking for more cool emulation news? Wait til you hear about the Vita3K Android release.

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