Here’s When Vita3K Android Launches

Feature image for our Vita3K Android release news piece. It is a screenshot from PS Vita title, Danganronpa V3, featuring three characters during a trial scene.

It’s nearly here! Developer Macdu has confirmed a Vita3K Android release date for Sunday, February 12 at 11:00, UTC+1.

Vita3K is a PlayStation Vita emulator that had been out for PC and Mac for a little while but is about to make its much-anticipated Android debut. In our Vita3K Android news piece last week we indicated that the release was very close, and now we have a firm date in our diaries.

Early Days

The build that comes out is still experimental, so don’t expect a flawlessly stable experience, but you’ll be able to get your hands on it to tinker with and experiment with different titles, if your device makes the specs cut of course.

The requirements are an ARM64 device, with Vulkan 1.0 support, and Android 7 or over. There are no hard rules on processing power or RAM, though, as with most emulation, we can assume the more the better.

It’s confirmed that Vita3K is not going to release as open source, and won’t open up for at least a few months after the initial drop.

Some Assembly Required

So what can you expect to run on it? Well, on the Vita3K website, the is a handy table of games, tested for performance. This chart draws its info from other platforms’ versions, so it might not prove accurate at this stage, but it’s a good jumping-off point to experiment with.

If you’re new to the world of emulation, Vita3K’s site also offers a useful guide on how to dust off your old Playstation Vita and start dumping the game files from your collection. It explains how to get hold of the files, and how to make a .vpk file from them that the Vita3K can use.

You’ll need a bit of know-how and some technical confidence to start, but it’s worth it. The result is a fully legal copy that you can try out on the Vita3K Android release.

As with all emulators, we don’t expect everything to work out of the box, but we’re very excited about what the future will bring.

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