Power Snooker from My Interactive brings some serious rush-style Snooker to Android. Trophy not included.

In other non-shaving related news, My Interactive has brought Power Snooker to Android. Unlike normal Snooker, Power Snooker takes the game and adds a rush-style poker element to it along with way to get double points which is what counts in this game, not frames won. Wrapped in 3D graphics, Snooker players will like this game.

There are 9 red balls on the table along with the usual colored balls found in Snooker. In the center of the 9 red balls is the Power Ball which, if you sink it, makes all points double for 2 minutes. Each game lasts 30 mins with the player scoring the most points in that game leaving as the winner and possibly sore eyes from staring at your Android device and balls for so long.


  • Rush-style Snooker gameplay (20 second shot timer)
  • Great 3D graphics
  • World-wide high scoreboard and achievements thanks to OpenFeint
  • Double points for sinking the Power Ball or shooting from the Power Zone (Baulk Line)



Published by My Interactive and developed by Big Head Games, Power Snooker is a game that Snooker fans will want to play, if they have some time set aside to actually complete a match. 30 minute matches seem a bit long unless you are sitting at home playing. An option for shorter matches would make this game top notch.

Don’t let the match length deter you from getting the game though if you enjoy Snooker/pool games. This is a pretty solid title and is probably the best Snooker game currently available on the Android Market right now. You can pick this up for $4.78 right now.

Developer Website: My Interactive | Big Head Games

Market Link: Power Snooker

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