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Prehistoric MMO StoneAge World is Coming to Android on June 17th

StoneAge World, the pet-collecting MMORPG from Netmarble, is coming to Android on June the 17th. 

Set on the fictional continent of Tectonika, during a Flintstones-like fictional period when humans rubbed shoulders with dinosaurs, StoneAge World sees you assuming the role of trainer and warrior. 

You’ll collect, tame, and train various pets, from ordinary mammals like pigs and wolves to woolly mammoths and giant cretaceous lizards. Once you’ve got them under your spell, you’ll use these animals to defend Tectonika from unknown enemies hailing from the Machine Civilisation. 

You can pre-register for StoneAge World now, and if you do you’ll be in line for some launch event rewards, including 50,000 shells (the game’s premium currency) and 1m Stones (the non-premium currency).  

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