Preview of Ubisoft’s upcoming Babel Rising 3D game for Android

About a week ago we talked about Ubisoft getting ready to publish a revamped version of the Babel Rising game for Android called Babel Rising 3D. This new revamped version features rather great looking visuals that really seem to bring the game to life.

For those of you unfamiliar with this game or missed our previous post about it, Babel Rising 3D has you playing as a god who, upon seeing the humans of the world building a giant tower in the hopes of reaching the heavens, must use his godly destructive powers to stop the humans from succeeding. You will be unleashing destructive forces such as lightening and fire onto the humans in the hope of stopping their tower building adventure. Each power you use also have unique effects depending on what target you are using it one whether it’s a human or part of the building.

The original version consisted of 2D visuals and it was a good game in itself. This revamped version has completely new 3D graphics and seems to have improved gameplay as well offering up to twice as many powers as the original. Ubisoft has teamed up with AMA and Mando Productions to make this revamped and remade release possible. The humans are a crafty bunch though so even as a god you will have your work cut out for you.

Humans have priests that will cast protective shields around their workers. There are also sacred urns that will increase the time of your power’s cool-downs and to top it all off the humans have things like cargo ships bringing supplies and siege towers to help them get higher at a faster rate of speed. All of this you will have to unleash your powers on in the hopes of stopping the humans for reaching the heavens. You’ll have two game modes to play, Campaign and Survival, both of which are pretty self-explanatory.

Right now Babel Rising 3D is slated for release onto the Google Play store on June 14th. No word yet it there will be a price tag tacked onto it but it could be free since it looks like there are in-game purchases available.

Developer Website: Ubisoft | AMA

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