Proof of Concept video for the upcoming Yabause Sega Saturn emulator

There is a new emulator under development for Android of the Sega Saturn console. Currently it is in heavy development and isn’t available publicly yet as the developer is still working on making everything work properly.

However, we do get to check out a ‘proof of concept’ video which shows the emulator loading up. Right now the emulator runs pretty slowly and in the video we just get to see it load up but the developer mentioned that games do run on it right now, the coding just isn’t linked up just yet. This is probably due to the fact a lot of performance optimization needs to be done for it to run at any sort of speed to make it playable.

Still, it is always good to see more emulators in the works. Pretty sure we have just about every console covered for the most part, at least the major ones anyways.

Website Referenced: YouTube

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