PSA: The Sony Playstation Remote Play Port on XDA has moved. Here is where you can find it.

So back in February 2015 we reported on Sony’s Playstation Remote Play being ported over to non-Xperia Android devices which includes devices like the Nvidia Shield portable or pretty much any Android device for that matter. However, if you follow the link in that article to go get the app, you will notice one big change. The thread has been locked and closed. So where can you get this app? Well there is some good news. It is still available over on the XDA Forums.

So what happened? Apparently, the original post wasn’t actually the author of said app. Instead it appears to have been a fan of the app who had started the thread and kept it update as progress was made on the Remote Play Port app. Now, if you want to follow its development, as well as downloading it of course, you will have to go over to the new thread on XDA which was made by the developer himself.

For those of you not familiar with what Playstation Remote Play Port is, basically this app is Sony’s Playstation Remote Play service and app but it has been hacked and ported, making it available to non-Xperia Android devices. We figured out all of this thread closing and the new location after Gizmodo reported on playing Bloodborne on the Nvidia Shield Portable by way of using the Remote Play Port app. We went to go check up on it, noticed the different thread author, and now here we are.

So if you have been using the old version, you will want to uninstall it completely. After that, head on over to the XDA Forums and grab the new version from the developer’s thread.

Official Website: Remote Play Port on XDA

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