PSX4Droid Issue Update

The long awaited PSX4Droid playstation emulator by the dynamic duo of ZodTTD and Yongzh was released onto the Android market yesterday as we mentioned the moment it hit. However, people have been reporting an issue with purchasing/downloading PSX4Droid and so here is an update about this issue which I believe everyone is experiencing.

Here is the rundown of the problem: Google Checkout is basically not allowing transactions to go through, for whatever reason, with ZodTTD’s Google Checkout account. This seems to be happening across the board for all users who are trying to purchase the emulator from the Android market.

ZodTTD has been trying to contact someone at Google since PSX4Droid was unleashed onto the market and this problem occurred but to no avail. Currently the response from Google has been…nothing. No response. While this issue will hopefully be resolved soon it does bring up a question about the support team over at Google regarding the Android market. This kind of error can seriously hurt a developer, especially when it is a big release such as this.

Currently, if you are trying to puchase PSX4Droid off the Android market and are running into this issue which is basically the payment process is stalling from my understanding, try to cancel your order. If you can not, do not worry, according to ZodTTD you are not being charged so he will cancel your order via the Google Checkout back-end.

Here is ZodTTD’s post on the Googles Support forums:

Hi all,

I too am extremely frustrated with this issue. I have been writing two Google Android Marketplace reps with no luck. There’s no email or phone number I can call and reach someone directly at Google.

Basically what is wrong is every order I get in Google Checkout (this is my only product) says “Customer review in progress” and gives a link here:
Note that the link mentioned Android Marketplace, but when that link is clicked the page is not found.

My guess is this:
It seems for someone reason Google is getting a denied response for all transactions from the credit processor. I’m not sure why this all a sudden started happening early today, but it could some sort of Google Checkout misconfiguration on my account.  I am unaware of how to fix it though, I tried everything I could think of today.

Everyone with this issue has NOT been charged, so I am unable to give a refund. I can only cancel the order.
What can be done if you want the application right now? I have psx4droid available for sale at the 3rd party market SlideME:

I truly hope Google fixes this quickly. I am getting 60+ emails for customer support an hour. I’m overwhelmed.
Watch my Twitter via the link in my signature below for more updates.

If you can’t wait for the issue to be fixed and want your PS Emulator now, head over to and purchase it through there. Either way please remain patient, ease up on the emails unless it is an emergancy, ZodTTD knows about the issue and is trying hard to get it resolved, Google just needs to actually answer him and fix it.

Keep up-to-date about this issue by following ZodTTD’s twitter account or follow the support thread over at the Google Support Forums.

Update July 27, 2010 10:54am: It seems as though this issue has been fixed and you should be able to download the PSX4Droid Playstation Emulator just fine now. Enjoy!

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