Putter King Adventure Golf lands on the Android for all your mini-golf fans out there

Based on Japan’s first indoor miniature golf franchise, Putter King Adventure Golf brings the brand over to mobile in a new 3D miniature golf game for Android. This game has gotten some pretty impressive reviews since it’s launch on iOS recently and after you can see why in the screenshots alone.

Putter King Adventure Golf brings unique and challenging mini-golf courses onto Android featuring their four main characters from the franchise itself. Wrapped in high definition 3D graphic, Putter King Adventure Golf has you helping Putty as he refines his putting skills in an attempt to become the putting king.

Putter King Adventure Golf Features:

  • 24 unique, themed holes + 3 user designed holes*
  • 4 game modes (Championship, Timed Trial, Multiplayer, and Practice)
  • Ability to unlock new holes and various other achievements
  • 4 character avatars
  • Realistic physics
  • Professionally composed soundtrack
  • OpenFeint enabled
  • Publish your scores to Facebook & Twitter



One nice thing about this mini-golf game is that there is actual multiplayer so you can play with your friends which is a majority of the reason people play mini-golf in the first place. It comes complete with three different courses: “Adventures in Japan”, “Trip around the World”, and “Putty’s Playground”.

Before we let you go to download this game, there is one last interesting thing to note. The developers are holding a contest where users can submit hole designs. If yours happens to be picked, you will win $550 and your design will come to life in the game in a future update. More information about the hole design contest can be found here. You can download this pretty solid mini-golf game off the Android Market for $2.99. Expect a full review coming soon.

Developer Website: Putter King

Android Market Link: Putter King Adventure Golf

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