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Puzzle & Dragons Team Up With Gundam For Special Event

Feature image for our Puzzle & Dragons Gundam collaboration news piece. It shows several mecha from the series, with the Puzzle & Dragons logo over the top.

Two old classics have come together for a new collaboration event, as mobile game veteran Puzzle & Dragons has teamed up with the classic anime franchise, Gundam, bringing some of its most memorable mecha to the gacha game. The Puzzle & Dragons Gundam collaboration event kicks off today.

Famous Mecha Up For Grabs

A total of twenty-three familiar Gundams from the series’ history will grace the game with their presence for a limited time, giving you the chance to snag some slightly more tech-heavy monsters for your collection.

With the event, there’s also a new Gundam-themed dungeon to face, with its own challenges to test your lineup.

Currently, this collaboration is only available in the Japanese version, and not the English localization, though many previous collaboration events have made the jump, so global players may see these new characters in the near future.

Two IPs That Stood The Test Of Time

Puzzle & Dragons is something of an anomaly in the gacha world. While many games enjoy a brief success before disappearing shortly after, the match three/monster-collecting game has been rolling along for eleven years at this point. In terms of gacha games, that’s practically prehistoric.

It currently sits at over five million downloads on Google Play. Obviously, it’s been doing something right to match Skyrim levels of longevity.

The eleven-year-and-counting run of Puzzle & Dragons is still rookie numbers when you compare it to Gundam’s timeline, of course. Starting out with Mobile Suit Gundam all the way back in 1979, the series really wrote the rulebook for the ‘real robot’ subgenre of mecha stories.

Since its inception, the franchise spanned anime, manga, games, and toys. There’s supposedly even a live-action movie in the works.

It’s no surprise we’d see some of its fighting robots knocking around other titles.

Here’s hoping we’ll see the Puzzle & Dragons Gundam collab hitting globally very soon.

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