Quiver arrives from Ludomo, giving you one arrow to solve everything

A new puzzle game has arrived from Ludomo Gamestodio called Quiver which also happens to be the first game published onto Android from this little indie studio. Quiver charges players to use a single arrow, as in a bow and arrow, in order to light all the braziers in each stage. If you don’t light all the braziers in a single shot, you won’t go on to the next level.

So how do you manage to light all of the braziers with one shot? Well you will be using game mechanics similar to other puzzle games like Reflect. Basically you will position different crystals around the stage which will affect the arrows path. Since there are a variety of crystals available, all with unique effects, you will have to figure out the best way to get the arrow to pass through each brazier in order to light them. Unfortunately, each type of crystal isn’t always available in each stage.

Quiver Features:

• Many different diamonds, all with unique effects
• 51 unique levels
• From beginner to very, very challenging
• Crispy graphical style
• Earn jokers to keep going
• Smooth puzzle mechanics to keep you in the flow
• Easy drag and drop system
• A ghost image showing your previous diamond position
• Drag-mechanic that makes sure your finger is never on top of a diamond

This is one of those puzzle games where the controls and gameplay are simple enough so you can just jump right into game but getting through all of the levels is a real challenge and can be very frustrating, in a good way of course. You can snag yourself a copy of Quiver off of Google Play for $0.99.

Google Play Link: Quiver

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