Race for victory over your opponents in Rush Rally 2, now out on Google Play

Released by Brownmonster Ltd, a studio comprised of a single developer, Rush Rally 2 is a new auto racing game for Android. In this game, players will compete in 72 different tracks that are spread out over 7 different locations. With 8 different cars available, players will be able to add vehicles to their fleet by progressing through the variety of races.

There are two different formats available to players, either in the form of a championship format, or time trials. With the latter being a bit self explanatory, the former is broken down into six race circuits for each of the seven different host nations. Beyond this, there is also a rally cross format, with 18 of its own races, as well as mini games (with their own tracks) that include the likes of dodging missiles or trying to race while towing a trailer.

Rush Rally 2 Features:

– Over 72 tracks including the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb!
– Realistic physics programmed from real car telemetry data.
– 60 Frames per second on your mobile device (Top-end devices only).
– Authentic Rally Championship and Rallycross game modes.
– Put your skills to the test with the different skill game modes.
– 8 Classic rally cars.
– Race against ghosts of all your friends and the best racers in the world
– Play on a game controller too

Rush Rally 2 has a variety of control schemes, that include both touch and tilt, as well as controller support. This game also includes leaderboards, so players can see where they rank. Rush Rally 2 is available from Google Play for a flat $3.49. You can check out the game in action ahead of buying it with the trailer below.

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