Radiangames unleashes their Action-RPG Inferno+ onto Android

Continuing on their promise to basically release at least one of their games onto Android a week until they are all there, Radiangames has launched their newest title Inferno+ onto Google Play. This particular game is pretty interesting as it is labelled as an Action-RPG but takes the form of a dual-stick arcade game.

Inferno+ has plenty of action but also contains a leveling system where you will be leveling up as you progress through the game. However the gameplay takes shape as a crazy dual-stick arcade game. To round off all the craziness in this game are the plethora of neon retro-style visuals to watch while you play.

Inferno+ Features:

– 40 different levels
– 3 difficultly levels
– 20 achievements
– New Game+ mode

While there is a standard game mode to play through, players also have the option to play Scorched mode, essentially giving you 90 seconds to blast your way through a randomized maze filled with enemies. This also means a lot of replay value for Inferno+.

For those of you interested in continuing your collecting of Randiangames titles, you can pick up Inferno+ off of Google Play for $1.99.

Google Play Link: Inferno+

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