Day: 10 July 2013


Iesabel hack ‘n slash RPG is here with both single and co-op multiplayer modes

Iesabel is a new hack n’ slash RPG from Forever Entertainment where players will set out to save the world from the forces of darkness. While the overall goal may be one of those ‘save the world’ type of goals, the storyline is actually pretty good so far and the action is plentiful. One feature that sets this game apart from other titles in this genre is the fact that the co-op multiplayer mode can have up to an additional seven people in your group.


Z End: World War is an online FPS survival game that has just entered beta

Moarbile Games has released a new online FPS survival game called Z End: World War onto Google Play in a shiny new beta form. As you may be guessing from the title, Z End is all about surviving the zombie apocalypse and you have a choice as to whether or not you join up with other people playing the game to try to better your odds at living longer. Of course you can always go solo as well.


Tokyo Jungle now available on Playstation Mobile. Time to channel your inner bad ass baby chicken

Almost a week ago we got confirmation that a version of Tokyo Jungle would be coming to Playstation Mobile in the very near future. Well that future has become the present and Tokyo Jungle is now available for Playstation Certified devices through the Playstation Mobile store. While this is a Tokyo Jungle game, it isn’t a direct port of the actual game for Playstation 3.