Action Adventure Raji: An Ancient Epic Out Now on Android Via Netflix

The featured image for our Raji: An Ancient Epic Netflix article, featuring a screenshot from the game. The screenshot shows Raji standing on a balcony in Ancient India, looking over a breathtaking landscape.

Netflix has added a new game to it’s ever-expanding library, the action adventure, Raji: An Ancient Epic.

The game, which Nodding Heads Games previously released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4, is finally making its mobile debut three years after its initial release.

Chosen By The Gods

Despite focusing on the adventurous side of the gameplay, Raji: An Ancient Epic has detailed lore, setting up a strong campaign. It takes place in India and sees Raji, a young girl, stand up for her higher calling.

The Gods have chosen her to fight against the demonic invasion of the human realm. Sound familiar? (Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans, rise up!)

The war between the Gods and the demons has remained dormant for a thousand years, allowing Humanity to forget. Comfortable in their false sense of security, humans find themselves at the mercy of the demons, who have returned for revenge.

Now, as Raji, you must use your new-found abilities to save Humanity from the invasion! Fight demons and save innocent lives as you traverse through the ruins of your own city.

Dynamic Gameplay

Raji: An Ancient Epic, for the most part, presents the gameplay in the form of a 3D sidescroller. Adapting to your movements, you’ll parkour your way through Ancient India in an attempt to find your brother.

When you’re not jumping through war-torn city buildings, you’ll be fighting demons. The demons are intelligient, however, as they’ll learn your every move, making each new battle more difficult than the last.

Amazing Artwork

From looking at the game, it’s evident that Nodding Heads Games has put a lot of care and love into the aesthetic. Compelling, rich, Indian culture has been carefully woven into every frame, immersing you in the game’s world. Linos Tzelos’ beautiful soundtrack only adds to this, as a sea of classical instruments washes over you.

If you’re a subcriber to Netflix, you can download Raji: An Ancient Epic on Google Play now.

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