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Nintendo is still working on releasing Super Mario Run for mobile devices, with the Android version slated for release sometime shortly after the limited iOS exclusive launch happens on December 15th, 2016. Well now there are more details about Nintendo’s next mobile game, mainly with how the game mechanics will work, as well as more gameplay footage to check out.

If you’ve missed our previous coverage about Super Mario Run, this is Nintendo’s next mobile game release which is a constant running platformer type of arcade game. It is not an endless runner, since there are levels in it with definitive ends to them. Super Mario will run forward automatically, and you’ll be in charge of making him jump to dodge hazards, take out enemies, and collect power-ups and coins. There are ways to use objects in the environment to change directions (arrow blocks) and do tricks. All the levels will look like something you would find in the console games.

Besides the normal game mode, Super Mario Run also comes with a couple of other game modes, one of which is called Toad’s Rally where you’ll be trying to impress a bunch of Toads by collecting coins and performing tricks, competing with other players for the most impressed Toads. There is also Kingdom Builder, which is essentially a mode where you can build your little kingdom/castle and raid other people’s kingdoms. This is more of a mini-game then a fall blown game mode. You can unlock Toads for the Kingdom Builder by playing Toads Rally.

The controls for this game are about as simple as it gets, with your main action just being jumping. So you can play this game with one hand. It is more about the timing of your jumps and pulling off different tricks to kill enemies, earn points, and collect coins. There’s no dash, sliding, or anything like that though.

Super Mario Run will be available for download for free off of Google Play when it launches so you can try a few levels of the normal game mode, as well as playing Toad’s Rally. To unlock the full game, that will cost $9.99 via a single IAP. You can check out the new gameplay footage from Nintendo below.

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