Retro Pitfall Challenge brings the classic game back to life on Android

This week a brand new game join the line up of Classic Mania Games: Retro Pitfall Challenge. It delivers to all retro-gaming fanatic a game with the same feeling of the classic Pitfall from which take inspiration. With its unique and difficult gameplay together with a fancy vintage graphic design it’s absolutely worth of your attention.

If you played on some of the old game consoles then you should be very familiar with what Pitfall actually is. If not, it is all about avoiding obstacles and hazards while trying to find all the treasure you can get your grubby little hands on without dying.

Retro Pitfall Challenge Features:

● Customizable controls and layouts;
● Full Google Play Games support (Leaderbords and Trophies);
● Unique Visual style.

Retro Pitfall Challenge is available off of Google Play for free and doesn’t contain any IAPs. If you’re into classic games, you might want to check out this developer’s other releases as well.

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