Retro Runners from Countryside Games is a unique endless runner for Android

One thing Android, and mobile in general, have vast amounts of are endless running games. Since he genre’s inception, everyone and their mother have been making these games trying to take a piece of the endless running pie. So finding one that is a little more unique than the other current endless runners out there can be hard to do. Retro Runners by Countryside Games happens to be one of those unique endless runners.

Retro Runners sets itself apart from the rest of the pack thanks to its visual style. The entire game is done in 8-bit voxel graphics and has a slightly more over-the-shoulder perspective than other titles. There’s also some humor tied into the game since half the characters look like they are from the ’80s with the bad ass head sweatbands and striped socks. You also happen to be running away from the Paparazzi.

This game does have a bit more of a sports theme to it, since some of the environments are tracks with hurdles and things of that nature. Google Play Games Services is also integrated into Retro Runners so you can compete for online rankings on those leaderboards. Of course there are power-ups and additional characters you can unlock and use with the coins you earn through each run.

Retro Runners is available for download off of Google Play for free and is ad supported. You can get rid of the ads through a one-time IAP.

Google Play Link: Retro Runners

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