Revolution Software to bring Broken Sword and a mysterious new game to Android

Revolution Software is getting ready to bring Broken Sword over to Android very soon. Even though the Broken Sword series has been on consoles before the PSOne, most people will remember the PSOne version of the game that was very popular called Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars.

Recently Revolution Software brought Broken Sword over to iOS which saw a fair amount of success. To build on that, they are planning to now bring Broken Sword to Android as well. While there are many chapters in the Broken Sword series of games the one coming to Android will be Broken Sword: Director’s Cut. Even though details are still pretty scare, it would be a safe guess that this will be a direct port of the iOS version of Broken Sword: Director’s Cut.

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut is a point and click adventure game that follows the story of George Stobbart, an American tourist whose holiday in Paris is rudely interrupted by a bombing. Investigating, he runs into photojournalist Nicole Collard, and the two embark on a globetrotting adventure of epic proportions. The game comes in the style of the console versions with hand drawn graphics, storyline and characters, and similar gameplay although adapted to suit mobile devices.


No word just yet on an exact release date for Broken Sword: Director’s Cut and it’s arrival on Android.

This isn’t the only project Revolution software is working on for Android either. While they wouldn’t go into deep details about this new game, they did mention that it will be another adventure game that is similar in style to Broken Sword with the whole point and click thing, or in our case, tapping. This new game will be a completely new 2D adventure game with a new license so it could be Broken Sword 5 or some completely new unrelated game from these industry veterans.

Developer Website: Revolution Software

Website Referenced: Pockett (1) (2) (French)

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