RingoWord: A casual word game with an addictive feel.

When we think of smartphone games, we think of the simple and addictive time killers that we all enjoy. Whether you are commuting to or from work or on your lunch break, nothing beats getting your phone out and playing that quick time killer that’s been stuck in your head all day.

This is exactly what we have here with RingoWord. It’s a word search type of game with the words spelled out in a circle. The objective is you have to pick the correct letter that begins the word. For example, if we had the letters T, A, ,E ,R ,G we would tap on the letter ‘G’ because the word is “great”. Once we select it, we are presented with another word equation, and this is how the game is played.

The game supports seven languages and has daily tournaments with leaderboards and achievements, which is good for you achievement hunters out there. Additionally, there are two game modes to choose from, Score Attack and Time Attack. There are two difficulty levels to choose from for each game mode, which are normal and expert – sorry no easy mode here folks.

The game is free to download from Google Play with additional IAPs available. You can unlock the pro version with one of the IAPs. The Pro version includes stat tracking, leaderboard ranking, and best off all, no ads.

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