Rockstar Games cuts the price of Grand Theft Auto III for the holidays, now for the Galaxy Nexus

This won’t be a massive post by any means since we have covered Grand Theft Auto III extensively including a rather in-depth review of it. However, this is a pretty nice deal for a full console game on your Android device as Grand Theft Auto III is now only $3.00 during the holidays.

Rockstar Games has put their auto theft goodness on sale for the holidays but I wouldn’t wait too long to get it. The sale starts today and only goes until December 29th where at that point it will return to it’s regular price of $4.99. So if you have a compatible device, or one that you know can play it and can side-load onto it, then definitely consider grabbing Grand Theft Auto III. Once you do, don’t forget to check out how to tweak it to boost your graphics.

On a side note: Grand Theft Auto III now supports the Galaxy Nexus as well as the Bionic.

Website Referenced: Droid-Life

Android Market Link: Grand Theft Auto III

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