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Rogue Games Reveals 5 New Titles Bound for Google Play Pass

Rogue Games, the publisher behind titles like Sociable Soccer and Super Impossible Road, has revealed five new games bound for US-only games subscription service Google Play Pass.

The games are Outsider, Bright Paw, Super Glitch Dash, Olo Loco, and The Arcade. And here’s a quick description of each of them.

Super Glitch Dash is a slick-looking twitch runner in which you have to dodge, jump, and weave through numerous obstacles as you run headlong into the screen. Bright Paw is a narrative sliding block puzzler starring a cat.

Outsider is another narrative puzzler, this time set in a post-apocalyptic robo-future and firmly rooted in the horror genre. Olo Loco is a minimalist social game inspired by shuffleboard. And The Arcade is 20 retro arcade games crammed into a handy compilation. 

All five games will be along this summer.

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