Rooftop Frenzy is a martial arts game about a Kung Fu master with epic hair

Rooftop Frenzy is a new martial arts action game that follows the story of a Kung Fu master who, when he was younger, had some pretty epic hair. If fact his hair was almost legendary. However, as he grew older, his hair fell out but he still had the wonderful memories of his epic hair from back in the day thanks to the fact he kept his treasured golden comb.

However one day this all changed as a group of thieves broke into this Kung Fu master’s house and stole the comb. Needless to say, the Kung Fu master got angry and is now out to get his treasured comb back. Weird background story aside, Rooftop Frenzy is a stickman style game, so your character is a stickman who will be going around kicking people’s asses as he tries to retrieve his comb.

Rooftop Frenzy Features:

– Realistic sound effects
– Epic background landscape and music
– 9 different epic moves to choose from to take out your enemies
– Online player rankings
– Fast paced, Arcade style, Sidescrolling beat-em-up

Rooftop Frenzy happens to be one of those games that are good to kill time with. It is a pretty straightforward action-arcade game were you beat up the bad guys, although you do have to watch the timing of your jumps between rooftops, otherwise you will fall and die horribly.

Rooftop Frenzy landed on Google Play last week so you can download it at any time. It is free and contains no IAPs either.

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