Day: 19 February 2015


Assassin’s Creed Unity companion app is now not needed to open blue chests

Companion Applications are an interesting concept in a lot of ways because you’re basically trying to take advantage of the mobile gaming industry, and the gaming industry in general, by extending the functionality of your game to include mobile devices. This could be for a lot of reasons and done in many ways, whether it is actually useful features, a second screen feature, news and update, and whatever else a developer can think up in order to make their games look like there is a lot more features to it then there actually is.


“Free with IAPs” – Why it’s bad for mobile gaming

So I’ve had this on my chest for a long time, and I think it’s time I unload. I’m not convinced everyone will agree with me, but hear me out. I think Android gaming has problem with the number of games that are offered for free with IAPs, though I *suspect* iOS does as well (See here). And I want to say this at the outset: I don’t hate all IAPs. Paying a set amount once to unlock full content (gaming or otherwise) is just fine me with, as is a running subscription (Netflix, MLB At Bat, etc). My objection comes from how many games are attempting to monetize by applying scammy IAPs, and it’s out of control.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Goon Studios Latest Project Monster vs. Sheep is Coming Soon

In November of last year, we reported on Goon Studios latest project, Monster vs. Sheep. If you are unfamiliar with Goon Studios, they are a game development studio based in Pasadena, California. Their first project on Android was Boogey Boy. When we played it, we felt it was a fun, vibrant and intriguing game, to add to the endless runner/platforming genre. Fast forwarding from November to February, Goon Studios recently released a second trailer for Monster vs. Sheep a few days ago. It looks like the Goons are at it again, creating what is sure to be a fun and original game. The good news is that we don’t have to wait too long, because Monster vs. Sheep is on its way to Android/iOS devices.