Rubicon announces upcoming Ultimate War Game for Android

Rubicon Development, the maker of Great Little War Game, Great Little War Game 2, and Great Big War Game (and other unrelated games) has announced that they’e are currently developing another release for the Great ___ War Game franchise called Ultimate War Game. This game is intended to be a sequel to Great Big War Game, for those scoring at home.

What makes this interesting was that, in the announcement on their website, Rubicon talks about both how Great Little War Game 2 received a mixed response for its reception due to the devs stripping it down to appeal to more casual players. They also mention that this release should be more pleasing to their more fervent fans in ways that the “Casual Little War Game” (as they joke) wasn’t. Part of what they want to include in the new game will draw upon “all the good stuff that got us our BAFTA nomination” (note: the game and nomination in question was the nomination of Great Big War Game for the British Academy of Film and Television award in the category of Strategy games, in 2013).

They also plan to add bigger, better looking, and more varied maps to go along with the following list:

– New campaign with more involved and longer objectives
– Much improved AI
– Base Building
– Bigger maps
– Tons of skirmish maps
– Yes, base building
– Random map generator + editor
– built in 1v1 and 2v2 async multiplayer with 5 minute or 24 hour turns
– Tons more stuff

They haven’t announced a date or price yet, so we’ll have to stay tuned to future announcements. If previous pricing is an indicator, it should likely fall in the $0.99 to $2.99 range.

Developer Website: Rubicon Development

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