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You can now play Rules of Survival in 60 fps

Rules of Survival Android

If you’re one of those elitists that wouldn’t even spit on a game running less than 60 fps, rejoice. Rules of Survival has just received an update that introduces a high frame rate mode.

Rumours are, that this mode is capable of running the shooter at 60 fps but that may vary depending on your device. It should still improve the frame rate in any case.

You can now shoot from vehicles and play in 60 fps in Rules of Survival

Also included in this update is the ability to shoot from a vehicle as a passenger. It seems odd that this feature wasn’t available at launch, but better late than never.

There’s even a brand new mode called Fireteam, but we’re not sure how it plays. Wrapping things up are new backpack appearances and the ability to rename your character.

So why not head on over to Google Play and give Rules of Survival a shot. If you like PUBG or Fortnite you’ll probably love it.

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