Rumor: Reliance Jio to Replace Tencent as PUBG Mobile’s Indian Publisher

Reliance Jio is in talks with PUBG Corporation to take over from Tencent as PUBG Mobile’s publisher in India.

This story is starting to look a bit “inside baseball”, but we started covering it a few weeks back so we’ll plough on. It all started when the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile in India, as a result of geopolitical tensions between India and China.

This forced PUBG Mobile to drop Chinese company Tencent as the game’s Indian publisher, since when it’s clearly been shopping around for a new publisher so that it can get PUBG Mobile back in circulation and minting cash.

While the deal isn’t signed, it seems highly likely that Jio will become PUBG Mobile’s publisher in India, given its general experience in the sector but its specific experience of publishing PUBG Lite.

In any case, it looks like PUBG Mobile’s enforced absence from the Indian Play Store may soon come to an end.

Source: Gaming on Phone

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