Rumor: Rocket League is Coming to Mobile

Rocket League, the hugely popular eSports title from Psyonix, is rumored to be heading for mobile. 

The source of this rumor is a job listing advertised by Psyonix on Twitter. The advertisement calls for, among other things, QA testers to, “test the functionality and useability of console or iOS applications”. 

It goes on to make further reference to iOS and Android, before finally stipulating that candidates must have, “more than 1 year of mobile game testing experience.”

Psyonix was acquired by Epic Games in 2019, and if you’ve been following Droid Gamers closely you’ll be aware that Epic is planning to bring the Epic Games Store to mobile. It wouldn’t be entirely unreasonable to suppose that it’s lining Rocket League up as a marquee title. 

Or, like all rumors, it could all come to nothing. 

Source: Gaming on Phone

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