Run over more zombies in Earn to Die 2

Developed by Toffee Games and released by Not Doppler, Earn to Die 2 has just been released on to the Android platform.

Whereas the oriiginal Earn to Die was located in a desert setting, the newly released sequel is in an urban one, where players are attempting to cross the country and reach an evacuation zone. City after city must be traversed, and they happen to be full of zombies.

You start out with a small amount of cash and a run down car. The sequel also has a new story mode, that is five times longer than what was in the original. The levels are also “multi-tierd”, so players have options as to how they want to proceed to the end of a given level, such as choosing between the highway, or an underground tunnel. All of those options include a healthy dose of zombies, mind you, but they’re options nonetheless.

Players can unlock and uprade ten different vehicles, that range from sports car to an ice cream van. They can be armored up, mounted with guns, equipped with boosters, and more, to increase the chances of making it past all the zombies, especially since the vehicles are now fully destructable. Lastly, there is a new Mission Mode that is coming soon. 

Key Features

  • A brand new Story Mode, 5 times longer than the original
  • A new city setting with multi-tiered levels. Drive over highway overpasses, via underground tunnels and smash through epic zombie-filled factories.
  • 10 new vehicles, including a sports car, a police car and even an ice cream van. Be sure to upgrade them with armored frames, roof-mounted guns, boosters and more.
  • Vehicles are now destructible! Watch your vehicle get smashed into smithereens if you’re not too careful!
  •  Awesome ragdoll physics. Smash into zombies and send them flying.
  • Google Play Game Services & Amazon GameCircle support
  • And did we mention the epic zombie-filled factories?

The game is already available from the links below for free, with In App Purchasing enabled. 


Google Play Link:

Amazon Appstore:


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