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You can play Runescape Classic on Android right now

Runescape MMORPG Android

You have to be of a certain age to remember Runescape Classic. To give you perspective, that was the online multiplayer game everyone was playing while World of Warcraft was still a twinkle in its mother’s eye.

Surprisingly, it’s still running in a brand new version that Jagex continues to update. But that’s of no interest to us. We’re here to talk about Runescape Classic, a version of your favourite browser MMO that you can play on Android right now.

We should point out that this version of Runescape Classic isn’t an official Jagex product. Instead, it’s a private server operated by an independent developer.

To play it, simply head on over to the official site, download the APK, and install it. That’s it – you’re good to go and relive the glory days.

Runescape Classic

Because this is Runescape in its original form. You know, the one that you played on your browser in the early noughties.

We imagine the appeal is mostly for those who did exactly that, but if you’re curious Runescape is a massively multiplayer game. You create a character and proceed to live a second life in a fantasy kingdom.

And you can do pretty much anything you want to. Craft, cook, battle monsters, annoy fellow players – the world’s your oyster.

There’s all the usual RPG stuff. Level up, equip loot, fight other players in PvP. That modes particularly fun here though, as you can steal items from any players you kill in the wilderness.

Interested? Great! Go ahead and check it out right now by following the instructions above.

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