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RuneScape Mobile is Now in Early Access

RuneScape Mobile has now entered Early Access, you can get your hands on a copy right now. If you want to know the difference between RuneScape and RuneScape Mobile, then keep reading.

RuneScape Mobile – RuneScape on the Go

It’s not often that a PC game and a mobile game will share too many similarities, but they designed RuneScape Mobile with one purpose in mind. For players to pick up exactly where they left off on PC, without being sat in front of their computer.

This means that if you were to play on mobile for the first time, you would still get the renowned PC experience. They have redesigned some features like the User Interface for a mobile screen, but other than that, you don’t have to worry about too many differences.

If you would like to try out RuneScape on your mobile device, then you can grab a copy from the Play Store.

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