Indie Platformer Runesword Brings The Retro Charm

Feature image for our Runesword news piece. It shows an in-game screen with a pixel character in a mountainous area.

We love a good indie title on Droid Gamers, and Runesword definitely caught our eye. The game’s an action platformer set in a cute little pixel world, where you take your rather square-looking hero on a quest to save the realm from dark forces.

Swords, Sorcery, Stolen Runes

In the world of Runesword, the power of runes was once used to create a barrier that protected the Kingdom from evil. People grew complacent and doubted its usefulness.

One day, one of the Royal Mages betrayed their organization, murdered the others, and stole the runes, causing the barrier to shatter and malevolent things to invade the land.

The game is a level-based pixel platformer. It’s got a retro aesthetic and lots of jumping, along with the capacity to swing your weapon around and crack some skulls where necessary.

Runesword spreads across 36 levels, with different environments and obstacles to get to grips with, and all with secrets to discover. You’ll find eight different characters to try, and you can mix and match these with seven different swords that bring different special effects into play.

A Small Studio’s Effort

In addition, runes serve a gameplay function as a way to upgrade your character and make them stronger.

There are three worlds, and each world has its own boss, that’ll take more effort and preparation to deal with.

The game’s creator is Polish developer Pixel Panic, a tiny two-person studio. According to their official website, the due work on games alongside day jobs and family commitments. So we’ll also credit Runesword with being a monument to good time management too.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be into, you can check the game out now on Google Play.

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