RunnersHigh has your little dinosaur running for a very long time

For those of you who enjoy endless running type of games, there is a new one on the Android Market called RunnersHigh. This has you take control of a dinosaur who happens to have a stick with a steak tied to it, dangle in front of him to keep him running.

As with any endless running game, your goal is to keep running for as long as you can, jumping over pits and dodging obstacles in your path. Unfortunately for your little dinosaur who wants that steak rather badly, there are only two endings for him: dead or running endlessly trying to get said steak.

RunnersHigh Feature:

– Highscore: You can save your Score on your mobile and upload it to our server to compete with other players.
– Obstacles (either slow you or catapult you in the air)
– Bonus items which give you extra score if you catch em
– Cute dinosaur graphics and sound

This is just another one of those fun games to play when you have some time to kill although if you get good at it, you could be running in-game for quite some time. You can nab RunnersHigh off the Android Market for free. You can check the game out in action in the video below.

Developer Website: Alarm Clock Snoozers

Android Market Link: RunnersHigh

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