Saturday Morning Awesomeness: Fail at this game and it will kill itself.

We haven’t had a good WTF type of article in a couple of weeks and so it was refreshing to see that there was something we could write about today for you to contemplate over while drinking your morning coffee. Granted this isn’t Android related but it is still pretty awesome and could easily be done on Android.

There is a game called GlitchHiker where if you lose the game, failing to get the high score, the game will effective cease to work. Yes, that is correct. The game will, in other words, kill itself. Talk about giving yourself a complex over your gaming skills should a game decide to kill itself because you fail at it. The worse you play GlitchHiker, the more it dies until it is game over.

I’ve always thought there should be a a game where, if you died, that was it. You either have to restart as a new character or there was some other form of amazingly frustrating punishment to be dished out. However, GlitchHiker takes it to the next level. Here is the official description of GlitchHiker:

Glitchhiker flipped the traditional structures one expects of a videogame: when a player failed in their attempts it was the system rather than their onscreen avatar that lost a life. Conversely when a player did well the game could recover lives. Unfortunatey when it’s ‘game over’ for the system the game dies, never to be played again. In a perverse twist the more lives the game loses the ‘glitchier’ it becomes, creating a near hopeless cycle where it becomes harder and harder to save the game the sicker it gets.

The game features some pretty nice minimalistic retro graphics and a chiptune soundtrack to really bring out the whole retro feel to the game. However, while playing the game you can’t really sit back and enjoy all of this because if you fail at the game, you won’t have it to play anymore. When the game dies, it lives on in video format and as a non-executable download file. Check out the video below to see it in action.

We would love to see a game with a similar concept come to Android. Anyone else?

Website Referenced: PSFK

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