Scoreloop Adds PayPal Payment Solution

While we all wait for Google to officially institute PayPal as a payment solution for purchasing applications and games off the Android market Scoreloop has decided to bring it to developers and gamers now with the inclusion of PayPal. Now developers who use Scoreloop with their games can now use PayPal to offer in-game purchases to gamers.

In-game purchasing is almost an essential element for some games to be successful as well as bringing major developers over to Android from the iPhone/iPad. This business model, known as Freemium, allows gamers to get the full version of a game that would otherwise be a paid application and in exchange the developer can offer premium content, items, whatever for a fee whether it’s through direct purchasing using whatever currency the gamer uses or by offering virtual currency that a gamer can purchase.

Many games that have been hugely successful on the Apple App Store use this business model and a lot of these games are really top quality games. To get these games onto Android there needs to be a in-game payment solution and while there are a lot of companies that offer this service, PayPal has a massive global reach already so being included into Scoreloop is a great bonus for both developers (to reach a much larger global audience since their game can be free and a lot more countries have access to free applications and games) and gamers who can now get full top quality games for free with the option to use their existing PayPal accounts to purchase in-game stuff if they want to.

This brings Android one step closer to reaching a much larger audience for developers and gamers alike and hopefully we will see PayPal fully integrated into the Android market soon anyways. It’s a small part of a solution that needs to be done in order for developers to be successful with developing for Android. Now if we could only get more countries with default access to paid applications and games.

Website Referenced: Appolicious

Developer Website: Scoreloop

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