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Second Galaxy is coming soon, here’s a sneak peak at its trading, combat, and universe

Second Galaxy – the much anticipated space trading MMO for mobile – is currently in beta, with an official release just around the corner. The beta is giving a select few players the opportunity to get to grips with the game’s structure, enjoy the cosmic setting, and explore its galactic potential. 

Here’s a glimpse at what they’re getting.

These players are experiencing every aspect of space exploration through the various gameplay features. On the most superficial level, that means witnessing some majestic interstellar scenery from a panoramic perspective thanks to the game’s third-person viewpoint. 

Everything is visible right there on the screen, from weapons and equipment to spaceships and floating structures. And, of course, any battles that happen to be going on in the vicinity. 

To enhance the player’s sense of immersion in the game, the UI automatically vanishes after a period of inactivity, providing a clean, unadulterated view of the action. 

There’s also a star map view, where players can jump from galaxy to galaxy. This is the best way to appreciate the sheer number of galaxies and planets waiting to be explored in Second Galaxy. The only way to reach distant galaxies is through multiple space jumps, giving players an eyeful of gorgeous cosmic scenery. 

Second Galaxy contains a huge selection of ships and equipment, allowing players to create their own unique spacecraft. At the outset, the only way to earn new Frigates and Destroyers is through missions. Titan class battleships become available later in the game. 

Crucially, it’s not always possible to use these earned ships straight away. Players will need to obtain the necessary licences, by completing a licence mission with the ship in question. This will test a player’s ability to handle the craft and demonstrate an understanding of its weapons and equipment. As in real life, once the driving test is out of the way the vehicle owner is free to modify their craft with massive guns. 

Customisation is practically a game in itself, with innumerable combinations of equipment available. Players can equip their armada ships for close-range or long-range combat, with heavy firepower for face to face slugging or long range ordinance to keep their enemies at bay and provide cover to allies. 

In addition to rich space travel and complex battle systems, Second Galaxy will also offer a sophisticated real-time global trading system. 

And players won’t even need to be connected to the server. As long as they have location services on, they’ll be able to deploy captains and ships to various galaxies to collect resources automatically.

Second Galaxy was created from the ground up as a unique and immersive sci-fi gaming experience. From its in-game economy to its dynamic warfare, the game is a gift for sci-fi and strategy games alike, with enough different gameplay strands to appeal to every kind of gamer. 

The official Second Galaxy Facebook page and Reddit community are now live, so you can check them out for further information on Second Galaxy and its release date. And once the game is up and running you can use these channels to communicate with your fellow players are the team who made it.

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