Seven Deadly Sins is now up for pre-registration in Japan

Seven Deadly Sins Android

Seven Deadly Sins is a gorgeous upcoming gacha RPG by the makers of Marvel Future Fight, and you can pre-register for the Japanese version right now.

You’ll collect a bunch of characters, who pull off skills using cards. The turn-based battles are incredibly flashy, and wouldn’t look out of place in an anime movie.

Seven Deadly Sins is a polished gacha coming to Android in Japan

You can also fully customise your character’s appearance, including their costumes. Much like Monster Hunter, eating food before a battle seems to play a part in the action.

Also, while this hasn’t really got anything to do with anything, one of the characters is a huge-busted giant who really freaked us out. Check out the trailer on the official site to see why.

That’s also the place to go to pre-register, so go ahead and do so if you fancy playing this polished gacha.

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