Shadowgun:Leftover arriving this week to Android

Can’t wait for Shadowgun:Deadzone to hit your brand new, still has that fresh out of the box smell, Tegra 3 device? Well Madfinger Games has a treat for you impatient folks out there. On their official Madfinger Games forums, admin RAZO announced that the once iOS exclusive add on, Shadowgun:Leftover will hit the Android Market this week as an update.

In Shadowgun:Leftover, you’ll once again fill the shoes of space mercenary John Slade. You’ll shoot, blast and rampage through Dr.Simons new robotic creatures and along battling new enemies; you’ll traverse through four new levels. If still that hasn’t gotten you giddy with excitement, Madfinger Games has added new weapons, new soundtrack, and the ability to roll, all at no cost.


– The story directly follows the events of original Shadowgun
– Free for all original Shadowgun owners
– 4 new levels
– New enemy creature
– New gun
– New type of gaming interaction
– New soundtrack
– Lot of new graphics, animations and cut-scenes
– New and improved content in general (also affects the original Shadowgun)
– New effects such as camera shakes or bullet trails
– New element in the control – Roll (player can now perform rolls)
– Tuned difficulty, weapons and enemies
– Better, more intensive gaming experience

No additional detail has been given on the exact release date or whether Android users will receive entirely new content. Expect to the update to hit the Android Market this week. Shadowgun:Leftover will be free for all Shadowgun owners

Thanks to our sharp eyed reader, StriderWhite, for the tip.

Source: Madfinger Games official Forums

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