Shadowrun Online MMORPG Kickstarter up and running, will be playable on Android tablets

While we wait for Shadowrun Returns to arrive on Android after it was successfully Kickstarter, we now get to check out a new Shadowrun games that is also looking for funding but in this instance it will be an MMORPG called Shadowrun Online, or SRO for short.

Shadowrun Online will be an MMORPG playable through your browser or on tablets, both iOS and Android. While Shadowrun Returns will be a single-player game, possibly with some co-op play with it, Shadowrun Online will be a full fledged persistent world MMORPG with all the bells and whistles including co-op play as well as PvP gaming.

PvP will take the form of faction wars, something that is pretty much a standard when it comes to MMORPG titles. Unlike a lot of MMORPG titles though, Shadowrun Online will take into account the collective actions of players in the game to determine the fate of the online Shadowrun world as well as the player-driven storylines in the game as well. Depending on what is going on in the world, your quests could change for instance.

This will be a Triple-A title built using Unity3D with high-end graphics and gameplay. The fact that it will be made using Unity3D is what will allow tablet owners to play the game since Unity3D supports cross-platform development. Shadowrun Online will also connect directly to the Shadowrun Universe through the Shadowrun website allowing players to see stats and send messages outside of the game.

One last unique aspect of Shadowrun Online is the fact that, even though it is an MMORPG, it will feature tactical turn-based combat just like the Shadowrun of old. All the classes you’ve come to love will be in the game as well from being a Shaman to being a tech savvy Hacker. There is a lot more information about Shadowrun Online over on the official Kickstarter page. Right now funding is sitting roughly at $64.5K with 26 days to go to reach the $500,000 mark.

When Shadowrun Online is released it will be free-to-play. There will be an optional Premium subscription where people who sign up for it can earn some extra rewards on a monthly basis.

Source: Kickstarter

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